Sophie Lowe – #tiredofhate

My first best friend was a boy that people made fun of for being different.  As a brave pre-schooler, I was his staunch defender against bullies.  As I grew up I was put in many positions to be the person who stood up to those that only wanted to hurt and shame people.

My experience was not one-sided as I was bullied as well.  The reasons don’t matter, it’s just a fact that there is a deep need for some to hurt and belittle.   And hurt it did, I can feel the sting even now from my teenage years, and still see the impact of exclusion and judgement in my college setting.

I have been in situations with people professing to follow Jesus and behaving with hatefulness and judgement.    As Christians I think we have the highest calling to extend unconditional love and support and I would struggle to worship in a environment that decided who was ‘in’ and ‘out’ with God.   Worshiping at St. Elmo I know that the message will always be inclusive, that we will be lifted up and made to realize our worth, no exceptions.